The DIY approach to healthcare reform

May 13, 2009

Fixing healthcare is not a hard proposition.  Politically, it will never happen, there are just too many votes, too many lobbyists who will sponsor ski trips, coastal vacations, and other perks for it to really happen. Besides without some much money in the health industry, how would politicians, I mean trial lawyers, make money unless the pharma, insurance, hospitals are flush with cash.

1. People who use medical services need to pay more

That would be high deductible and high co-pay … it encourages people to actual get medical treatment they can afford … only preventative medicine should be a right

2. Focus on the truly needy (that would not the 16 year son of an illegal immigrant living here for the last 12 years or someone who just turned 65 but never saved a dime) that would be kids under 3 and adults over 80.

3.  Government needs to step in and create community clinics, and sponsor primary care doctors and nurses (like the military … free medical school for 7 years of labor in rural and urban settings … cash like settings) this is where the 65-80 can go and all the so call too poor kids (3-18) can go when they break a collar bone.

4. For people who really need it (certain income, medical conditions and/or age) insurance companies need to bite the bullet and provide guaranteed insurability or pay a major fine (20,000 to 500,000) for people with prior medical conditions or unattractive age market

5. It won’t happen, but we need to protect the community/ preventative system from the lawyers (no lawsuits on generics made in the US, no suing the local community doctor … must be sent to an arbitrator and lawyers can only make 8% on the cases)

6. Stop using medi-care/Medical for non-medical expenses.  Government should not be in the business of non-medical assisted living … people should find alternative living arrangements and government should really service (beginning of life and end of life medical services)


Obama misses the point

May 4, 2009

As our new President finds way to increase government on the money of others (that would be corporations and other so called fat cats that don’t spend enough to be lobbyists) he is missing the point on closing loopholes in the tax code.  1st. the rich never pay their fair share of taxes, they always find a way to maximize their deductions (usually legally) 2nd. Good government is like good leadership or a good NBA ref, the best leaders, or refs stay out of the way of the players.  Sure government may have good intentions (ha ha) but when you force feed a nation jobs for people with little or no qualifications (homeland security anyone) you don’t get the productivity or net increase to local and small business you would if it was done with private and personal capital.  The problem with raising more tax money, if the fact that there is no incentive to become productive.  When a nation becomes to dependent on social security income, when a nation gives more health care to people who don’t have a job, don’t want a job, have a job, but earn cash, what crash the ER anyways than people that work under the gun for a private or public employer and pay their fair share of taxes, gee something is wrong.  Unfortunately, the best way to cut government is to have a much smaller tax base.  Local government, with a decrease in retail taxes, the loss of local car dealers, has had to tighten the budget, cut jobs, reduce services, which why more money should stay locally, and most people should keep their hard earned money to a. stimulate the economy spending on excesses b. save it to actual be self sufficient in retirement (what a concept) c. open small to large business that will hire people and provide services and economic goodwill to the local community

Philip Markoff Clean cut killer.

April 21, 2009

Sure, he may not be the killer; we convicted Scott Peterson with a lot less real evidence just because he was a creep, but the internet IP information, and video surveillance should be enough.

Did he do it? …  yes.

Privileged kids preying on sex workers who advertise on internet, what a shock, I sure he kicked small dogs as a kid as well.

Why? The truth be told, people are not nice. Most people will do completely reprihensible things if they know they will not be caught. There is a small segment of the population, that will draw the line for a moral high ground, despite whether they will be caught or not, but that is a very small segment of the population.

Markoff grew up with good looks and privilege a lethal combination. Good looks provides the perception of good honest, and nice (it’s just an impression), the cold dark interior is completely unknown even to spouses or spouses to be. Especially men, who are able to live a life (compartmentalized and self justification, means they can commit any action and justify to themselves, and compartmentalize it from others like a nice innocent fiancé and medical school).

The take home is the following. We don’t know people. We don’t know our own parents, spouses, children (Columbine anyone?). We just live in hope, hope our kids turn ok, hope our parents aren’t psychos, or spouses are normal, not serial killing doctors, we just don’t bother to figure out the other person, their motivation, their hidden desires, their true intentions.

The second take home, is the Craig’s list provides anonymity that serial psychopaths and other sexual predators are seeking. It could be under aged children, it could be down on their luck sex workers, but the anonymity part is what predators are seeking. Amazing how we can hunt down, tigers, lions, sharks and other man eating species, but we turn the eye on humans the prey on other humans (go to Africa and become desensitized to the violence). The illusion is the social conditioning and social rules will protect us from ourselves. Man when left to his own devices, will commit horrendous deeds, when and only when he thinks he can get away. Most of us are so well conditioned we will get caught (spending a night in prison is something I rather no deal with), we don’t even bother to plot.

Is he any different from Catholic priests who knew that they could molest with impunity, that their bishops and Pope would turn the other eye?  The only thing that sexual predators will understand is cold hard bars of a cell and their sense of entitlement allows them to objectify and dehumanize their victims.

Less Geithner and more Susan Boyle

April 21, 2009

Amazing how fickle the American public can be, the nation that can cast more votes for a hip Indian American teen with numerous hair dos, than it does for a President facing unpredecented budget deficit and unemployment.

Why the fascination with pop culture and the complete disdain for our financial and economic leaders?

First, most American’s are resigned the state and federal government is owned and bought by lobbyists, Chinese manufacturers, the Saudi oil money, labor unions, corrupt Wall Street investments banks, Indian Casinos and the like.

Second, with oppressive news of corporate greed, there is never an end on how Wall Street greedsters will ask for government bailout and use funds for extravagant excesses in the face of Joe the Plumber and the working stiffs who work 70-80 hours a week without taking their hard earned vacation time who subsidize these reckless and irresponsible lifestyles of the rich and federally subsidized because too big to fail (meaning they give to much to corrupt politicos in campaign finance to be allowed to fail.)

Third, as our 401k dreams, our kids hard earned college fund went into flames, we still want to hold on to our dreams. If a 47 unemployed singer who took two years to take care of her ailing mother, can dream, why can’t we dream?

Dreams, or beliefs is the most powerful opiate in the world. It can make reasonable men, into suicidal martyrs, it can turn a nation of social networkers, whose voice will be heard (the trillion calls, faxes, emailes and text messages on the original financial bailout “no” vote into a single voice of unity, we believe in the dream. We believe in the opportunity for the people who matter, who just need that one break. We believe in reality tv, not because it is real, but because it reflects the challenges and hardships we overcome everyday. We all had dreams to be special and every day, someone told us to be reasonable, told us to settle, told us the cold reality that we could not make a living doing what we enjoy the most, to settle for praticial occupations and put all our savings and money in real estate or our magic retirement/college saving account and found out the same people who created this financial mess got guaranteed bonuses for underperformance guaranteed by our so called stewards of Banking in DC, while we do without car repairs, buying in bulk to save money, pay outrageous bank fees, and sometimes postponing necessary medical procedures because we can’t afford them now.

We have all suffered from this economic downturn. We have had friends and family lose jobs, we have had to make tough financial sacrifice, watch our savings evaporate, watch as our taxes increase and our schools cut teaching positions, and see how we get nickle and dimed by our credit card companies. We have to do more work as companies are forced to do more with less and a federal government that lives in the bubble, the print more money and business as usual bubble.

Deep down, we know that our dreams are more important than any government bail out or Wall Street initiative. When we look in the mirror and decide, just like Susan Boyle, today is the day, I make will a difference, I will matter, I will take a chance and become a professional singer and follow my dream … anything is possible, and in America everything is always possible.

Taxation without representation

April 19, 2009

Tea Party and Taxation without Representation

In an era where Democrats and Obama are spending money at an obscene amount … California has an increase in sales tax at the same thousands of qualified school teachers are getting pink slips … brings the question of taxation without representation. Only the fool, believes that our so called democracy is a democracy. It belongs to the lobbyist and the attorneys that make up our legislators at the state and federal level. The biggest insult is when government officials, the media elite critize our right to question taxation when our nation was founded on two simple principles (stealing land from the Indians and later the foolish Mexicans and revolting against taxation without representation).

Taxation is based on medival times where the king demanded payment for protection, and we accuse the mob of the only one with this scheme. At least our local government mirror the local economy, they have to cut back when the make less money, no magic way of printing money or fabricating pork bills like our federal “theives” I mean legislators.

Is there is a solution … Really there are two solutions. One is to allow this mockery of democracy to continue to the tipping point, where this no more meaningful private employment in our now second class nation, or to reduce federal and state government now and forever. The responsibility of the people is to make sure their hard earned money stays in their community, stays in their local economy. We sure don’t need people who make decisions in their DC bubble to tell us what is better for our schools, our highways or community.

Gen X and the love hate relationship with money

April 17, 2009

Notes Money:

In an era of baby boomers, AIG greedsters, and government bailout of too big to fail financial fraudstutions
it is easy to think as money as the root of all evil. Money is not even worth the paper, and or
nickel that is printed on.

1. For Gen X, life is about the customer experience. We demand the best bang/value for our buck, and
having more money, that will not add to our instant gratification, is not a priority. We are the first
generation that had access to more credit than we will ever be able to pay off in a lifetime.

2. Majority of the so called leaders (visible ones, with money, are morally bankrupt. In a
society of corrupt CEOs, celebrities that go bankrupt after making millions in the entertaiment
industry or athletics, we see as money as the problem.

3. Our Internet/ Cable news forum has really, really developed some warped thinking. From CNBC to FOX News
CNN, and google news, Yahoo news, twitter, we have too much information that has very little
impact on making solid decisions on our day to day life.

4. Money is not the problem, the lack of appreciation of hard work, the true gift of love
without a monetary component, the intinsic value of saving and investing one’s hard earned income
in one’s in business, personal development, education, or community is discarded in our 24 hours news
cycle driven culture.

5. Gratitude is a foreign concept for Gen-X young adults. We were the original latch key kids,
while our parents worked hard for their Beamers, Merchez, and vacation homes, we were 10 times more
likely to get material and monetary gifts than the love and attention we truely craved or the family sitting
in conversation over a dinner table for an entire uninterrupted hour.

Credit Cards – the new indentured servitude

March 19, 2009

The biggest sham of this bank bailout, is that banks are making a killing on credit cards. Obviously, most people don’t know how banks make money than the mafia from a single piece of plastic.  They charge merchants a high fee (for the convenience, with all types of tricky contracts …let’s just say 2.5% off the top.  They charge you the customer a nice interest 12% if you are always on time, 25% or more if you where late one payment.  On top of the interest, they charge you $25-30 for late fees.  Their scam is that you pay the minimum but not enough debt where you file bankruptcy.  Their target markets are people that will be good wage earners, people who have a consistent paying record (credit score) and people with a lot to lose (business, homeowners).  Nothing they do is fair, the can change the conditions on a whim, and the biggest sham is how a bank says they can’t give you a line of credit but they can start you off with a credit card.  CASH IS KING, hopefully the public will fight back, with paying off their debts, bank with a local credit union or local bank and stay of the credit card crack.  Wall Street may have led down a dark road, DC and politicos opened the door, but I and a lot of American’s lighted the fire with line of credit and credit card debt.  If you have to ask the price and can’t pay in cash … you can’t afford it.

Young people and retirement

September 18, 2008

Here is the secrets to retirement your broker or banker won’t tell you.

1. Your broker job is to make money from commission, not to get you safely to retirement

2. Your banker wants to make money on the spread of interest rates, not promote your financial success.

3. You, alone are responsible for your money and no FDIC will protect you

4. FDIC does not protect you because it is backed by (not the government) but the fricking tax payers.  Anything this backed on the backs of hard working tax paying Americans comes at a cost (less health insurance, less credit liquidity, less money to buy goods and services, less education for our children, less healthcare for the mentally ill and elderly, a budget deficit, more taxes and fees and weaker dollar (Yep higher oil and stagflation) gotta love it.  Not to mention what is your rate of return on a FDIC product.  A whopping 3% on a CD backed by your and your children tax dollars.

5.  Your only hope for retirement is to be part of the upper middle class.  The group of people who have multiple investments (500K each spouse) plus in pensions or 401K, some form of passive income from commercial or residential property, on going business residuals (like insurance agents, Monavie, and other similar types of businesses) and a mortgage that is 80-90% paid off, and/or work way past 65+ like Ed McMahon.  People who depend on insurance products (like AIG type annuities), or stock market, or just real estate or lousy FDIC products for bailing them out on retirement need to get in the long line of people who count on government earmarks, the politicians, the bureacrats, the military, the lobbyists, the unions, the corporate bigs, the illegal immigrant population, the social security dependent baby boomers, the sick, the young and then guess what finally you.

The Great Main Street Hope

September 18, 2008

The housing crisis will come to an end when savy investors realize housing prices will not longer continue to fall.  When employment and wages match up with the decline in housing prices, we will have a bounce, a slow and painful bounce, but a bounce.  The only hope for that day is the job creation and profitablity of main street businesses.  Small business owners are the greatest source of new jobs in any economy, good or bad, and good luck thinking AIG or HP or GM will bring jobs back to middle America.  Hopefully, Obama and his Chicago political machine and tax agencies can keep their greedy paws away from sole- propietors and other small businesses.

Wall Street Condescending

September 18, 2008

Wall Street vs Main Street


The fall of the stock market places a lot of futures in the hands of the uncertain.  One thing is clear, is that we live in turbulent times and nothing is for certain.  Institutions of trust and respect, banks and governments do not have the interest of shareholders or the governed at stake.  Who is to blame, and how do we fix this crisis?


                We are to blame, we believe the rhetoric and lies from IB to stockbrokers to so called media journalists, when the critical mass of greed, (stock market crash of 1920, 1984, dot com bust, our housing crisis) gets overheated the only end in sight is a prolong recession and depression.  We will not be able to generate a competitive workforce when you buy more than we export.  Our legacy of spending will eventually convert us to the Spainairds  and Romans of old another decrepit empire.


                What is our great legacy, the legacy of land stolen from Indians, and Mexicans, the legacy of a create open society, a land of immigrants and opportunity to a country at war with itself who convenietly outsources its jobs for a tidy profit for the fortunate few. 

                One thing is clear, it is honor, integrity and a rigid moral compass that will get us through this mess.  When men and women of high moral fiber live and make decisions to the benefit of the hard working people of our great society we will resurge.  When people make money the old fashion way, with local service and goods, hard work, a fair contract with their employer and community, and government takes a lot less, and people save and share with the unfortunate we will rebound from this era of greed, pornography and disinformation. 

                Government will not protect the people.  It is the job of the people to protect the people.