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Economic Conscience

February 22, 2008

I am trying to develop a word, that should be part of our great countries vocabulary for years to come.  The word or phrase to be exact is economic conscience.  The definition or mine (is how does your decision to support or purchase from a vendor or retailer affect other American’s who make a median income in your neck of the woods).  Some easy examples when you buy a product from Walmart you are supporting The Saudis and Venezuela a person on minimum wage with no health care.  IF you buy from a local insurance agent, printer, farmer’s market you help someone that is in the middle or median tax bracket.  This should be a bigger deal, now that we live in a global economy.  The era of working at a 9-5 job without concern about productivty or relative productivity is long gone.  Relative productivity is how your performance compares to a global environment and how easy it is outsource to a third world economy without the usual political four year manuevers.  Has any one mentioned that the reason why middle or working class America is doing worse, is because we keep buying foreign products (oil and crap from China)?  Did your government force to buy at Walmart, did they force us to buy escalades and SUVS?  So why should they help us now?  I like to use the Grasshopper and the Ant fable.  We have a thing called a trade deficit.  We consume more than we produce.  Thank would make us the Grasshopper who plays all summer while the ants work hard.  Unfortunately, for a democrat the right thing to do is to tax the poor fricking ant because the grasshopper did not know better.  In the real story the grasshopper either dies or repents and humbles himself to the ants and works very hard the next summer, learning a very painful lesson.  When we buy locally, from a local bank, a local farmer, a local manufacturer the money grows and grows in a community.  When we buy from another nation (with very unfavorable trading laws the other way) we support the growth and development of places like Shanhai, Dubai, Mexico City and Dubai.


The state of the union

February 22, 2008

Hi, I am just a Republican trying to give McCain speechwriters some material.

Three issues:

1. Fiscal restrain, economic conscience

2. Lower Taxes, less governement

3. Beware of false prophets

Here are my talking point for voting for McCain.  Our country is headed for a crisis because we spend more than we produce as a nation.  If use the grasshopper and ant analogy,,, we are the grasshopper not the ant.  Economic conscience is making decisions as a consumer for what is right for the median income earner in America.  Buying chinese products or Venezuelan oil hurts and not helps our economy.  Buying locally (from a print shop or a local farmer) helps America and our local economy.. that is having an economic conscience (my definition)

2. the biggest difference between us moderate West coast republicans and what I call the Obama and his “Celebricrats” is the belief that the individual will make better decision than government with our hard earned money.  The Celebricrats and unions that back Obama, have no notion of the free market labor force, globalization or working hard paying a mortgage, having a job outsourced, working long hours, double digit growth for cost of college and health insurance and small pay increase with run away energy cost. 

3. Beware of great orators that are false prophets.  From Hitler to David Koresh, there are great speakers that make many empty promises but deliver compelling dreams.  Didn’t the mortgage industry sell us a dream of home ownership with no money down, no risk, 20% annual increase in home value, no declared income with picket fences and gated communities.  Where is that dream?  Obama offers us the dream of more jobs, of affordable health insurance for all Americans, a solution to that same housing crisis, of great economic prosperity all without paying a price … just the very rich will subsidize his plans.  The very rich never pay taxes thanks to our tax code, which is probably why most celebrities are celebricrats and guess who gets stuck with the bill… the same people raising a family, with no job security, a mortgage, increasing cost of living and thanks to globalization (i.e. Saudis, Venezeula and China getting richer) no pay increase.

Hello world!

February 22, 2008

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