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March 7, 2008

How to grow your sales in a recession:The  I CAN’T Philosophy

1.       Contact               

a.       Figure out who your top customers are

b.      Stay in front of your top customers/vendors

c.       Figure out how to sell more lines, product to your top customers

d.      People want to do business with friends

e.      Figure out how to add-value to your service and customer

f.        Customer Focus Campaign (more Contact, more education, more pro-active, more positive attitude)

2.       Attitude

a.       Stay Positive

b.      People want to do business with friends

c.       Spend time on creating (not listening to news or surfing the web for news) (Exercise, write a journal, do  art, spend time with a family member, go to lunch with a colleague, join a board or volunteer, join a service club and take a lead)

d.      Action (simple action, implement less but do it better)

3.       Niche

a.       Less is better (top 3 Priorities)

b.      Closer (geography) is better

c.       More targeted is better

d.      Better quality is always better

e.      Reduce your administrative overhead (no color copies, reduce administrative personell expense, spend less on someday purchases and projects, go paperless. use adobe PDF and email, less postage, mass advertising)

4.       Target, Track,  and Technology

a.       Narrow the scope of marketing projects

                                                               i.      Select a top 3 initatives

                                                             ii.      Focus on projects with top return on investment

                                                            iii.      Focus on today projects (short-term revenue)

b.      Track sales daily

c.       Track expenses daily

d.      Track touches with top customers

e.      Track opportunities

f.        Develop your human technology (your knowledge about your products, your industry, your sales skills, people skills, communication skills , networking skills, sales training)

g.       Invest in technology (Virtual fax, smartphones, contact manager, Quickbooks, GPS, scanner, file system (Paper Tiger), choose one calendar system (outlook, PDA, franklin or paper))