Gen X and the love hate relationship with money

Notes Money:

In an era of baby boomers, AIG greedsters, and government bailout of too big to fail financial fraudstutions
it is easy to think as money as the root of all evil. Money is not even worth the paper, and or
nickel that is printed on.

1. For Gen X, life is about the customer experience. We demand the best bang/value for our buck, and
having more money, that will not add to our instant gratification, is not a priority. We are the first
generation that had access to more credit than we will ever be able to pay off in a lifetime.

2. Majority of the so called leaders (visible ones, with money, are morally bankrupt. In a
society of corrupt CEOs, celebrities that go bankrupt after making millions in the entertaiment
industry or athletics, we see as money as the problem.

3. Our Internet/ Cable news forum has really, really developed some warped thinking. From CNBC to FOX News
CNN, and google news, Yahoo news, twitter, we have too much information that has very little
impact on making solid decisions on our day to day life.

4. Money is not the problem, the lack of appreciation of hard work, the true gift of love
without a monetary component, the intinsic value of saving and investing one’s hard earned income
in one’s in business, personal development, education, or community is discarded in our 24 hours news
cycle driven culture.

5. Gratitude is a foreign concept for Gen-X young adults. We were the original latch key kids,
while our parents worked hard for their Beamers, Merchez, and vacation homes, we were 10 times more
likely to get material and monetary gifts than the love and attention we truely craved or the family sitting
in conversation over a dinner table for an entire uninterrupted hour.


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