Taxation without representation

Tea Party and Taxation without Representation

In an era where Democrats and Obama are spending money at an obscene amount … California has an increase in sales tax at the same thousands of qualified school teachers are getting pink slips … brings the question of taxation without representation. Only the fool, believes that our so called democracy is a democracy. It belongs to the lobbyist and the attorneys that make up our legislators at the state and federal level. The biggest insult is when government officials, the media elite critize our right to question taxation when our nation was founded on two simple principles (stealing land from the Indians and later the foolish Mexicans and revolting against taxation without representation).

Taxation is based on medival times where the king demanded payment for protection, and we accuse the mob of the only one with this scheme. At least our local government mirror the local economy, they have to cut back when the make less money, no magic way of printing money or fabricating pork bills like our federal “theives” I mean legislators.

Is there is a solution … Really there are two solutions. One is to allow this mockery of democracy to continue to the tipping point, where this no more meaningful private employment in our now second class nation, or to reduce federal and state government now and forever. The responsibility of the people is to make sure their hard earned money stays in their community, stays in their local economy. We sure don’t need people who make decisions in their DC bubble to tell us what is better for our schools, our highways or community.



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