Philip Markoff Clean cut killer.

Sure, he may not be the killer; we convicted Scott Peterson with a lot less real evidence just because he was a creep, but the internet IP information, and video surveillance should be enough.

Did he do it? …  yes.

Privileged kids preying on sex workers who advertise on internet, what a shock, I sure he kicked small dogs as a kid as well.

Why? The truth be told, people are not nice. Most people will do completely reprihensible things if they know they will not be caught. There is a small segment of the population, that will draw the line for a moral high ground, despite whether they will be caught or not, but that is a very small segment of the population.

Markoff grew up with good looks and privilege a lethal combination. Good looks provides the perception of good honest, and nice (it’s just an impression), the cold dark interior is completely unknown even to spouses or spouses to be. Especially men, who are able to live a life (compartmentalized and self justification, means they can commit any action and justify to themselves, and compartmentalize it from others like a nice innocent fiancé and medical school).

The take home is the following. We don’t know people. We don’t know our own parents, spouses, children (Columbine anyone?). We just live in hope, hope our kids turn ok, hope our parents aren’t psychos, or spouses are normal, not serial killing doctors, we just don’t bother to figure out the other person, their motivation, their hidden desires, their true intentions.

The second take home, is the Craig’s list provides anonymity that serial psychopaths and other sexual predators are seeking. It could be under aged children, it could be down on their luck sex workers, but the anonymity part is what predators are seeking. Amazing how we can hunt down, tigers, lions, sharks and other man eating species, but we turn the eye on humans the prey on other humans (go to Africa and become desensitized to the violence). The illusion is the social conditioning and social rules will protect us from ourselves. Man when left to his own devices, will commit horrendous deeds, when and only when he thinks he can get away. Most of us are so well conditioned we will get caught (spending a night in prison is something I rather no deal with), we don’t even bother to plot.

Is he any different from Catholic priests who knew that they could molest with impunity, that their bishops and Pope would turn the other eye?  The only thing that sexual predators will understand is cold hard bars of a cell and their sense of entitlement allows them to objectify and dehumanize their victims.



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