Obama misses the point

As our new President finds way to increase government on the money of others (that would be corporations and other so called fat cats that don’t spend enough to be lobbyists) he is missing the point on closing loopholes in the tax code.  1st. the rich never pay their fair share of taxes, they always find a way to maximize their deductions (usually legally) 2nd. Good government is like good leadership or a good NBA ref, the best leaders, or refs stay out of the way of the players.  Sure government may have good intentions (ha ha) but when you force feed a nation jobs for people with little or no qualifications (homeland security anyone) you don’t get the productivity or net increase to local and small business you would if it was done with private and personal capital.  The problem with raising more tax money, if the fact that there is no incentive to become productive.  When a nation becomes to dependent on social security income, when a nation gives more health care to people who don’t have a job, don’t want a job, have a job, but earn cash, what crash the ER anyways than people that work under the gun for a private or public employer and pay their fair share of taxes, gee something is wrong.  Unfortunately, the best way to cut government is to have a much smaller tax base.  Local government, with a decrease in retail taxes, the loss of local car dealers, has had to tighten the budget, cut jobs, reduce services, which why more money should stay locally, and most people should keep their hard earned money to a. stimulate the economy spending on excesses b. save it to actual be self sufficient in retirement (what a concept) c. open small to large business that will hire people and provide services and economic goodwill to the local community


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