The DIY approach to healthcare reform

Fixing healthcare is not a hard proposition.  Politically, it will never happen, there are just too many votes, too many lobbyists who will sponsor ski trips, coastal vacations, and other perks for it to really happen. Besides without some much money in the health industry, how would politicians, I mean trial lawyers, make money unless the pharma, insurance, hospitals are flush with cash.

1. People who use medical services need to pay more

That would be high deductible and high co-pay … it encourages people to actual get medical treatment they can afford … only preventative medicine should be a right

2. Focus on the truly needy (that would not the 16 year son of an illegal immigrant living here for the last 12 years or someone who just turned 65 but never saved a dime) that would be kids under 3 and adults over 80.

3.  Government needs to step in and create community clinics, and sponsor primary care doctors and nurses (like the military … free medical school for 7 years of labor in rural and urban settings … cash like settings) this is where the 65-80 can go and all the so call too poor kids (3-18) can go when they break a collar bone.

4. For people who really need it (certain income, medical conditions and/or age) insurance companies need to bite the bullet and provide guaranteed insurability or pay a major fine (20,000 to 500,000) for people with prior medical conditions or unattractive age market

5. It won’t happen, but we need to protect the community/ preventative system from the lawyers (no lawsuits on generics made in the US, no suing the local community doctor … must be sent to an arbitrator and lawyers can only make 8% on the cases)

6. Stop using medi-care/Medical for non-medical expenses.  Government should not be in the business of non-medical assisted living … people should find alternative living arrangements and government should really service (beginning of life and end of life medical services)


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