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Less Geithner and more Susan Boyle

April 21, 2009

Amazing how fickle the American public can be, the nation that can cast more votes for a hip Indian American teen with numerous hair dos, than it does for a President facing unpredecented budget deficit and unemployment.

Why the fascination with pop culture and the complete disdain for our financial and economic leaders?

First, most American’s are resigned the state and federal government is owned and bought by lobbyists, Chinese manufacturers, the Saudi oil money, labor unions, corrupt Wall Street investments banks, Indian Casinos and the like.

Second, with oppressive news of corporate greed, there is never an end on how Wall Street greedsters will ask for government bailout and use funds for extravagant excesses in the face of Joe the Plumber and the working stiffs who work 70-80 hours a week without taking their hard earned vacation time who subsidize these reckless and irresponsible lifestyles of the rich and federally subsidized because too big to fail (meaning they give to much to corrupt politicos in campaign finance to be allowed to fail.)

Third, as our 401k dreams, our kids hard earned college fund went into flames, we still want to hold on to our dreams. If a 47 unemployed singer who took two years to take care of her ailing mother, can dream, why can’t we dream?

Dreams, or beliefs is the most powerful opiate in the world. It can make reasonable men, into suicidal martyrs, it can turn a nation of social networkers, whose voice will be heard (the trillion calls, faxes, emailes and text messages on the original financial bailout “no” vote into a single voice of unity, we believe in the dream. We believe in the opportunity for the people who matter, who just need that one break. We believe in reality tv, not because it is real, but because it reflects the challenges and hardships we overcome everyday. We all had dreams to be special and every day, someone told us to be reasonable, told us to settle, told us the cold reality that we could not make a living doing what we enjoy the most, to settle for praticial occupations and put all our savings and money in real estate or our magic retirement/college saving account and found out the same people who created this financial mess got guaranteed bonuses for underperformance guaranteed by our so called stewards of Banking in DC, while we do without car repairs, buying in bulk to save money, pay outrageous bank fees, and sometimes postponing necessary medical procedures because we can’t afford them now.

We have all suffered from this economic downturn. We have had friends and family lose jobs, we have had to make tough financial sacrifice, watch our savings evaporate, watch as our taxes increase and our schools cut teaching positions, and see how we get nickle and dimed by our credit card companies. We have to do more work as companies are forced to do more with less and a federal government that lives in the bubble, the print more money and business as usual bubble.

Deep down, we know that our dreams are more important than any government bail out or Wall Street initiative. When we look in the mirror and decide, just like Susan Boyle, today is the day, I make will a difference, I will matter, I will take a chance and become a professional singer and follow my dream … anything is possible, and in America everything is always possible.


Taxation without representation

April 19, 2009

Tea Party and Taxation without Representation

In an era where Democrats and Obama are spending money at an obscene amount … California has an increase in sales tax at the same thousands of qualified school teachers are getting pink slips … brings the question of taxation without representation. Only the fool, believes that our so called democracy is a democracy. It belongs to the lobbyist and the attorneys that make up our legislators at the state and federal level. The biggest insult is when government officials, the media elite critize our right to question taxation when our nation was founded on two simple principles (stealing land from the Indians and later the foolish Mexicans and revolting against taxation without representation).

Taxation is based on medival times where the king demanded payment for protection, and we accuse the mob of the only one with this scheme. At least our local government mirror the local economy, they have to cut back when the make less money, no magic way of printing money or fabricating pork bills like our federal “theives” I mean legislators.

Is there is a solution … Really there are two solutions. One is to allow this mockery of democracy to continue to the tipping point, where this no more meaningful private employment in our now second class nation, or to reduce federal and state government now and forever. The responsibility of the people is to make sure their hard earned money stays in their community, stays in their local economy. We sure don’t need people who make decisions in their DC bubble to tell us what is better for our schools, our highways or community.

The state of the union

February 22, 2008

Hi, I am just a Republican trying to give McCain speechwriters some material.

Three issues:

1. Fiscal restrain, economic conscience

2. Lower Taxes, less governement

3. Beware of false prophets

Here are my talking point for voting for McCain.  Our country is headed for a crisis because we spend more than we produce as a nation.  If use the grasshopper and ant analogy,,, we are the grasshopper not the ant.  Economic conscience is making decisions as a consumer for what is right for the median income earner in America.  Buying chinese products or Venezuelan oil hurts and not helps our economy.  Buying locally (from a print shop or a local farmer) helps America and our local economy.. that is having an economic conscience (my definition)

2. the biggest difference between us moderate West coast republicans and what I call the Obama and his “Celebricrats” is the belief that the individual will make better decision than government with our hard earned money.  The Celebricrats and unions that back Obama, have no notion of the free market labor force, globalization or working hard paying a mortgage, having a job outsourced, working long hours, double digit growth for cost of college and health insurance and small pay increase with run away energy cost. 

3. Beware of great orators that are false prophets.  From Hitler to David Koresh, there are great speakers that make many empty promises but deliver compelling dreams.  Didn’t the mortgage industry sell us a dream of home ownership with no money down, no risk, 20% annual increase in home value, no declared income with picket fences and gated communities.  Where is that dream?  Obama offers us the dream of more jobs, of affordable health insurance for all Americans, a solution to that same housing crisis, of great economic prosperity all without paying a price … just the very rich will subsidize his plans.  The very rich never pay taxes thanks to our tax code, which is probably why most celebrities are celebricrats and guess who gets stuck with the bill… the same people raising a family, with no job security, a mortgage, increasing cost of living and thanks to globalization (i.e. Saudis, Venezeula and China getting richer) no pay increase.

Hello world!

February 22, 2008

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